Poems, Random Thoughts and Notes for Later

Thoughts While Overhearing Two Guys Discussing Marketing Strategy at a Starbucks in Raffles Place, Singapore

The internet is a start but it doesn’t touch the potential of the true global communication having been practiced by trees, plants, water and air for millions of years. 

In nature, instantaneous, simultaneous transmission takes place from one side of the planet to the other, touching all manner of life in between. 

Leaving a comment on a Facebook post, in comparison, has about as much impact as a mosquito fart in a hurricane. 

We must open ourselves to the communication coming at us from the earth. We must learn to channel it. We must learn to tap into this channel, together.

It has nothing to do with blue or red. It has no concern for which flag we do, or don’t, stand for. It doesn’t care a lick, even, for which God we worship. That’s not to say she doesn’t care for us. She made us and we are her children. We came from her. We are of her.

Her children who became conscious. But in learning language, and internalizing thought and paying so much attention to that incessant mental dialog, we lost–or, rather, forgot–how to listen to the wind. We turned away from feeling the pull of the moon. We defended our internal, critical mind at the expense of hearing the cries of our descendants and fellow sentient creatures. We betrayed our mother.

Until the whales had to beach themselves.

Until the hurricanes had to destroy cities.

Until the ring of fire had to shake us awake.

To wake us from our dream, from which we were lulled asleep by the droning of our thoughts. 

But it is not too late. All we need to do is stop.

And listen.